A New Flame

Apr 16

It’s getting serious now. #senior

It’s getting serious now. #senior

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Apr 15


Some days I feel like I’m drowning. But then I remember that my God walks on water.

Breathing just got easier.

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I need recommendations

I sometimes make sign language to music videos, and I need christian song recommendations.

What would you like to see signed?

My mum got the job praise God!

“But you specialize in dying
You hear me screaming
And I’m lying here just crying
So wash me with your water” — Twenty One Pilots, Addict with a Pen


"If our theology does not cause us to fall more in love with people, then we need to question our theology. I didn’t say Christians, I said people." - Eric Johnson

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Apr 14


As you mature in Christ you rejoice to be with people. You love them not because of what they’ve done, but because of whose image they bear.

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“Radical Christians are not those who wear Christian T-shirts. Radical Christians are those who bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.” — Paul Washer 

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